About Us

A private investment organization

The Parmar Group is a private merchant bank specializing in venture capital investments and advisory services. With over 10 years of public market experience we have helped more than 125 early stage companies raise over $100 million and assisted more than two dozen companies go public. Several of our investment companies have had market capitalizations reach $1 billion in value.

Our investments are concentrated in several primary sectors, including: technology, resources, entertainment, real estate and health care. We routinely invest for the long term and take an active operating role.

Broadly speaking, we invest in two primary ways:

» Listed Companies: Publicly traded companies, which tend to be positioned where our connections, capital, and long-term views add value.

» Unlisted Companies: Private opportunities where we can leverage our capital, operating and management experience to accelerate growth and create value.

Disclaimer: This is not a solicitation to the public. We only invest our own capital.

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